The Voice of the Master Clock

This fellow has a very unique job!


Now That I Have Found You

So cool!

Healey Institute for Healers

So true…
Sad to say that is something I do not do. 
But maybe but maybe, there is a light in that too. 
…Now that I. Have. Found. You. 

You are so brave to just go, without even a care.
With only a smile, and wind in your hair.
I’ve done it once, but again? Who knows?
But of course there are so many questions I could pose.
What will we do? Where will I be?
Would you want to come and follow me?
Is there really no time but here and now?
The universe clock is ticking with a big tick pow!
The time is here, this is it.
Should I just pout with crossed arms and sit?
Hell no my love, even if I cry!
Even if I’m scared or even if I sigh.
Because I love you, and see?
There is still so much we could be.

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Sign Language


Aural Desserts

Such a unique piece of poetry. The convergence of spoken word and sign language is powerful, emotive and at times hilarious. Rives’ poem incorporates not only his own poetry, but that of his students. Simply put, it’s beautiful.

Poem by: Rives

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“The Longest and Highest Urban Cable Car”


lapazcablecar Vacation time is approaching and like my fellow Retrenders super-blogger Stephen Jang, we did the backpack of Europe adventures and hit-up certain parts of Asia, but I think it’s time to look to South America.  When you’re in the record books for “the longest and highest urban cable car in the world,” well that certainly peaks my interest and I definitely need to go to Bolivia to ride this.

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